Investment opportunity

We are currently raising €15M to advance our first leads to be ready to enter phase 2 in 2019.

Emerging drug-resistant superbugs are spreading worldwide. There is a huge unmet need for innovative medicines to tackle antibiotic resistance. Unprecedented government incentives are flowing into the antibacterial space, and massive non-dilutive funding opportunities are now accessible in the US & Europe. There is a growing pharma appetite for innovative antibacterial products, with intense deal activity in this space. Small biopharmaceutical companies developing such medicines will be ideally positioned to meet this medical and market demand.

Antabio is a company in the sweet spot, building on this increasing momentum. Antabio has an expert international antibacterial team, with specific expertise in the discovery and development of inhibitors of clinically-relevant bacterial metallo-enzymes (such as the NDM-1 metallo beta-lactamase). We have strong support from the Wellcome Trust, with 2 active funded programs, and a rich portfolio of first-in-class programs addressing the highest unmet needs in the antibacterial space. Our products will be eligible for fast-track development (QIDP, Orphan designations).

We are seeking €15M investment now to advance our first leads beyond phase 1, an early derisking step for antibacterial drugs.  

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